Young Parents - Young Empowerment!

Capacity building project  “Young Parents – Young Empowerment!” co-funded by by Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission, promotes youth entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among young parents, probably the most vulnerable group of young people in Europe nowadays.

“Young parents – Young empowerment” aimed at the autonomous distribution of entrepreneurship competencies among young parents, capacity reinforcing of youth educators & workers, popularization of volunteering and mentorship, cultivating role models for young parents and the constant encouragement of young parents to self-employment and social interaction through diverse ways of inclusive engagement and sustainable tools developing.

With this project, we found and disseminated the working practices issued for the protection and development of the young parents’ community in Ukraine, Italy and Azerbaijan. Countries from different geopolitical regions have different specific problems and challenges that`s why we made connections in this project between West and East to work in complex and to show to the young parents and government representatives how to be open-minded and capacity building oriented. The main new innovative element in our project was to promote a culture of active parenting in complex with taking an active part in society in the non-governmental sector or/and entrepreneurship, including social income.

Our participants (young parents) get involved in every activity of the project and develop a complex of skills (language, teamwork, presentation, etc.), knowledge (know-how, local context, ways to operate a business, etc.) and attitudes (confidence, a belief that is possible, etc.), which significantly improved their personal and self-employment perspectives.

International experience, working practices and contacts gained during mobilities in Italy, Ukraine and Azerbaijan was the base for their active social actions in home communities. After our entrepreneurship education courses, alumni shared and multiplied the outcomes among young people and build strong partnership ties at international, national, regional and local levels.

Thanks to planned Conferences/Round Tables during each activity, we were able to create synergies between education, training and youth policies and connect representatives of government, business and non-govermental spheres. Such meetings were the space to offer practical solutions to social challenges presented in the communities of origin and exploit the economic potential of the region, as well as the significant sustainable effect on the young parent’s empowerment. 

Due mentorship support that was created within the International Network of Active Young Parent, we were witnessing the creation of new non-governmental organisations, social enterprises and businesses. Using institutional support of partner organizations, part of graduates became mentors for other young parents, consulted and shared with them the opportunities for a loan / grant for business development, possibilities to expand their businesses in other areas and countries, etc. in order to create a culture of active parenting with the autonomous distribution of entrepreneurship competences among them and their communities.

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In this Guidebook you can find inspiring thoughts, stories and practises from Alumni of the activities done within the “Young Parents - Young Empowerment” campaign. Written with an open heart about children-friendly environments, effective entrepreneurship, contemporary non-formal education and a lot more...