Manicure courses in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine


Courses of hardware manicure in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine Course plan – 5 lessons for 2 hours each. Day One: Disinfectants and rules for surface treatment, tools and skin. Getting to know the tools. Anatomy and structure of nails and skin. Getting to know the most common skin and nail diseases. Day Two: Diagnosis of nails (soft, brittle, etc.) and the choice of coverage. Types of natural nails (normal, flat, broad, trapezoidal, springboard, eagle-shaped). Types of manicures: European, classical, hardware, combined. Day Three: Fixing and levelling the nail plate. Familiarization with the main types of base coating with gel lacquer. Preparation of the nail plate for coating. Staged gel coating with varnish. Types of removing gel varnish. Practical lesson: Gel coat with lacquer on TIPSV. Removing gel lacquer on tips Day Four: Gel coating with French varnish. Design gel with varnish. Incrustation with crystals. Practical training Developing designs on types. Day Five: Practice session: Manicure Gel coating with lacquer Alignment and strengthening of the nail plate. A convenient schedule of classes, small groups. Courses are not certified.

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