Kindergarten Infinite Games in Naples

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Our philosophy
Scuola Dell’infanzia Giochi Infiniti is a place where a policy of inclusion is practiced and where the possibility of citizenship and democracy is founded.

Through witness and the love of knowledge, we are called to crack the wall of rigid and normotivizing borders, to make room for subjective invention.

The philosophy at the base of Scuola Dell’infanzia Giochi Infinitiis oriented towards making knowledge something that pulsates and contaminates in order to get out of the logic of self-referentiality, in order not to build uniform borders, labels, signs and definitions.

Having a flexible way that allows us to act with and in diversity by creating a bridge between everyone’s loneliness.

That is, having as a foundation the responsibility of generating the bond and love.

A green school, an ecological space in which to read together with the child that wise harmony made up of delicate balances and ancient laws in an attempt to recompose science and life, play and learning in a single vision.

In our experience, the quality of the space-child relationship has become the authentic expression of a choice that favors the natural dimension of living, made of exploration and movement, a dimension far from the claustrophobic sense too often linked to school spaces.

If the source and origin of all knowledge are in the body and in movement, the school must make room for itself, so as to be a vast field of free energy where bodies, emotions and intelligence find their natural flexibility and harmonize.

Visit us via Ponti Rossi 113, 80145 Naples, Campania, Italy


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