Escapism for young parents OR rural stay-in-depth experience


We offer to you a unique experience deep in the Ukrainian province. This is a stay-in opportunity in the village called Stina where the “Eco-center in Stina” is developed as an educational and cooperation platform for people from different walks of life. If you choose to come to us and stay you are sure to get: 1) Escape from the hectic and busy life of the huge city; 2) Fresh food and healthy natural environment of the Ukrainian village; 3) Exploration of the folklore countryside culture; 4) Possibility to train yourself in various practical skills. For families with children, it is a really wholesome experience as you can spend time with your children and get acquainted with hospitable local people. The format of the stay-in is usually a camp while we provide you with fresh water, outdoor facilities, electricity, wi-fi internet and outdoor equipment. As well there’s possibility to be hosted by local villagers who will offer to you food and bed. Different workshops (bread making, clay coating, honey-producing, weaving and embroidery) are available. The location is:

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