Importance of Study Visits

Every visit has its own side, so let’s see them together.

During the project, we have visited some of the institutions that are interesting from the perspective of empowering youngsters and entrepreneurs. And as we are altogether young and entrepreneurial on this TC so for us every visit was full of useful information and inspiration. Every visit from its own side.

In the state youth centre was useful to get a feeling of how the Azeri government cares about youth in region, what capabilities these youth can have when visiting the youth centre. As well the staff and people who hosted us were very hospitable and we got some Baku sweets as a reward.

On the contrary, ABAD was the place for innovative solutions, probably it’s where proactive people searching for their business to grow often come. The narrator was open and competent and we got the knowledge about the side from different angles. Super that the Azeri government is so supportive of entrepreneurship and innovations.

Generally, Study Visit is a wonderful instrument in non-formal education as you get immersed into the atmosphere of the place, see how it works and have a unique opportunity to ask questions you would not normally find information about online.

I’m grateful to the organizers for having arranged the meetings. Young Empowerment in action!!!

Author: Iaroslav Gerashchenko

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