How to organize a training course for young parents?

Looking for some tips to organise your own training course for young parents? Here you find some tips that worked for your group and what you can take into account. 

How to organize a training course for young parents? What activities would be the most useful for young enthusiasts who come to study with their kids? What kind of space should be created for effective work and at the same time for the kids to be occupied and not bored? Only now closer to the end of the project “Young parents – young empowerment” in Azerbaijan we are ready to introduce life hacks for young parents and organizers.

First of all, activities should be organized in a way so that kids could also be involved – common energizers, activities based on games, drawing, moving etc.

Secondly, space has to be convenient for the kids to sit, roll, play games on the floor, therefore the space with a carpet is really important for such projects, we had it in Baku and it was the biggest advantage especially for the parents with small kids.

Thirdly, the idea to involve volunteers who can play with kids really worked during the course, therefore next time it should be implemented as well.

In addition, an animator and a separate room with toys would be relevant and useful when concentration on the task is necessary when some profound intellectual work is being done.

Moreover, creative kinds of activities like we did in Baku – the wheel of life, brand layers discussion, the best parent depiction, activities that helped to learn how to create and promote your business or idea or project were really helpful and essential during the training for young parents. Study visits are as well a good learning opportunity for parents with kids, as you move and talk, listen and watch, it’s always interactive where real-life experience with ups and downs is shared.

Such projects where kids are involved are not only good for young parents but also for kids who communicate with other foreign kids and in such a way grow, develop and learn to be active participants of the world from an early age.

Finally, children could understand why parents ask them to study foreign languages. Communication is the best way to solve problems.


Authors: Andrea Rubino, Iaroslav Gerashchenko, Mary Gerashchenko, Greta Tushe

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