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Last spring, one British radio program was broadcasting an interesting study on why European families don’t want to have children. In contrast, there was a backstory, by why children are still born in European countries.

In the first place there was the argument: “to transfer your own business.”

As for the depressive tendency of “families without children”, we deal with gender issues and in particular how to fit a child’s upbringing together with a flow of work, leisure, and household chores. Women who participated in the survey, explained it like this: “I cannot leave my job (business, etc.) because I have a high position (or salary) and the birth of a child is an additional burden for me, at the expense of leisure or work.” The second argument was, “with the birth of a baby, I will have to change my life, which I am not ready for.” Unexpected was the information on “conditional” percent of families in European countries sterilization of one of the partners. A 29-year-old Georgian woman who underwent a similar operation, in an interview for radio, shared her arguments and life with her husband’s “life without children” choice. You can listen to this research following the link:

But many women who take an active social position are well-off in either motherhood or running their own businesses or implementation their niche. Fortunately, there are open programs for developing moms and dads, how to successfully combine parenting with work, or how to participate in programs with children. One of the interesting open projects is the “Erasmus+” program “Young Parents – Young Empowerment Campaign”. All you need to do іs to write an application with а compelling cover letter for participation and wait for response results.

If you get a positive answer, the first tip is to pick up a suitcase with comfortable clothes, visit a conversation club in English if you are still in a postpartum prostration with completely clean brains focused on bottles and diapers. But we would like to point out that any exchange program is a wonderful Challenge and an emotional storm with smiles and communication, where every time you’re able to express yourself and evaluate yourself, and learn a lot of interesting things in personal communication with participants.

You’re very welcome to find out more and apply! You can read about the upcoming training following the link below (the same trainings are planned to be organized in Azerbaijan and Italy for the year 2020):

Still, if after your baby is born, your whole life has gone awry, or you are leaning into that group of stalls from birth, there is an easy-to-read motivational literature that can change your life for the better and enjoy your child’s upbringing.

So, if you are already in the parental sect: you don’t have time, and in the evening in a terrible mood not yet combed you meet your husband coming from work, we advise you to read Tracy Hogg’s “What Wants Your Baby” – Not much to read and the result worth it. This book can be found on the internet in the public domain, and in fact, after reading the second chapter, you will be able to pay any money for useful tips and good humor. This book is easy to found in the internet freely available, but, in fact, after reading the second chapter, you will be able to pay any money for useful tips and good humor.

Tracy Hogg is a contemporary Mary Poppins who has helped 5,000 toddlers happily adapt to the adult world. Tracy’s main message is to arrange the baby’s schedule with baby’s biological rhythm. As soon as you know the approximate time your baby needs to sleep – that’s great – this time is yours!

Do not delay if your baby is restless and has physical discomfort, contact a paediatrician for the necessary tests.

Adjustment issues, such as the microflora, of a baby, can be very simple, but it will save time and nerves, preventing you from stopping in your own development, goals implementation.

Delegate responsibilities. Don’t be with your child all the time, it has a bad effect on your family’s moods. If there is someone to take a walk, clean and bathe the kid – delegate it.

Whatever happens – keep the time schedule and keep calm.

A great solution for a maternity period is to choose a remote job or a flexible schedule.

But if you’re an office worker with fixed working hours, during the maternity period you can learn a new direction of activity or profession. There are several well-known platforms where you can study at home with your laptop at a convenient time for you. These resources:

Don’t get depressed unless you have a hard time, even with the thought that your life is over and you’re emotionally exhausted.


There is an incredibly good book for dealing with depressive states and creative stupors. “The Way of the Artist” by Julia Cameron. This book is 12 weeks of simple motivational tasks that will inspire you and keep you out of the ordinary all this time. Do the recommended exercises, read few pages a week, and you will feel how positively your life will start to change.

You may have heard when a speaker is a young mother who continues her business, there can be questions from an audience: “Doesn’t your kid bother you to work?”, “How do you handle?”, “Do you have time for your personal development?”, etc. Almost always it sounds like a judgment – but it’s not so.

At the moment of birth – the moment a new person comes to this world, a new man and woman are born, who will never be the same as before again. Remember, this is difficult time of adjustment, not a fact of having a baby.

So, if you’re still in the “frightened parents” category – organize a home reading evening of the book “Such imperfect parents” by I. Mlodyk. It starts with the fact that you’re the best for your baby.

Just remember that everything you do together with your child – will be а part of your child’s life.

Finally, we would like to mention banal, but for many, useful time management tips for moms:

1) reduce social networks to a minimum necessary;

2) plan your time (year, month, day…).  Here we can advise the community for planning and inspiration “Poshurshymo” (in Ukrainian);

3) plan how to usefully use the time when your baby sleeps. But don’t cross the limit: if you feel tired – you need to rest;

4) use the opportunities to connect with interesting people who will inspire you. Ideally – find mentors for yourself;

5) try to spend at least a little time regularly on sports – it will keep your body and mind fit;

6) don’t waste your energy – live without quarrels, complaints, negative attitudes, minimum of unnecessary conversations;

7) enjoy the wonderful time – time with your baby.

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