How to manage kid during training?

1. Foster a kid-friendly atmosphere so that parents feel comfortable at the training – organize space for the kids, lactation and change room for parents with small babies;
2. Kid-friendly spaces are not only important for looking after kids, but they’re also helpful for connecting with other parents and exchanging experience and ideas, they will also help with ideas;
3. Kids are welcome to attend sessions as long as they aren’t disruptive. Organizers may issue badges to underage attendees with cutesy sayings under their names, such as “Future Entrepreneurs” and engage them in the activities and assignments;
4. Provide babysitter or depended on budget parents can organize shifts between each-other to supervise kids;
5. Provide TV or other electronic devices to make a busy the child during sessions but eye distance and context should be monitored;
6. Attending parents should sign an agreement beforehand that they agree and don’t mind the participation of children during sessions and they are ready to help other parents with supervising and caring about all children which will attend the training or other event.
7. Time management of the training should be organized according to kids’ daily timeline to let parents be more flexible with sleeping and rest time of the children.

Authors: Kamran, Natalya, Leyla

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