How to make a good survey for your own business?

If you want to make a good survey, please, follow our advice:


  1.     Define target audience (age, occupation, hobbies, income, gender, location, family – the list of criteria can vary upon your product/service), ways of doing the survey (online/offline, group/individually, etc.)


  1.     Draft your questions. Use simple wording, grading from 1 to 10, questions with short answers, avoid controversial questions


  1.     Test your survey and ask respondents for feedback, finalize the survey.


  1.     Perform the survey


  1.     Analyse results


For example, if we want to start taking away coffee shop at a certain location in the city the preferable way to perform the survey will be one to one in the selected area. The target audience will be the following: male/female aged 15-60, who is fond of coffee, with average income, leaving of working in this area.

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