How to keep children busy and involve them into entrepreneurship?

Tips from young parents on eliminating their fears when running their own business or participating in events. Learn to involve your kid in everything you do, we will help with that by sharing our own experiences.

Whatever business you have or event attend, being a young parent, there is always a risk of distractions when you bring kids with you. The only way to stay an active parent not lose connection with your kids and be successful in your business is to involve your kids to all the activities you have. So, how to keep the kids busy and engaged when you have some work to be done.

First of all, forget that your kid is a distraction and can affect your business or any other activity.

Make your business kids friendly. Create a space for kids to communicate and do something while parents are busy. There should be an area where kids can express themselves and be creative. That will create a perfect opportunity for you to build a community of young parents around you and will give your kid another chance to socialize with others.

Don’t push them to do anything, generate ideas and see the feedback they give to you.

Encourage the ideas kids have. Just the way we did at out training for young parents. Kids wanted to participate in our activities and suggested drawing something and selling the drawings after that. They presented their works and told us about them. It was good start for them to see how business works and how the money is earned.

Kids’ engagement into adults’activities gives them a sense of integrity, they don’t feel neglected while you are working.

Give kids a task depending on their age and give them an opportunity to speak and present the results of their work. It will make them feel inspired, and be sure to not be distracted at all, as the task is an extra important one in their eyes.

Let your kids take part in your business whatever it is. Find a way for them to be helpful. Like tell them what tasks related to it your kid can do to help you and earn some cash. ATTENTION! Make it clear the kid is paid for doing the job! Never pay for things like cleaning or good marks in school! Those are responsibilities of the child and are not paid for just the same way you are not paid for being a parent.

Motivate, but don’t push kids to participate in your business. Make it easy. Let them observe the processes and the workflow, answer questions when they appear.

Show different business samples and models. Explain to the kid that a successful business is when a person is passionate about what he or she does. It is not about the latest Mercedes-Benzi it’s about being happy doing the job.

Always be a good example to follow.

Both parents should be involved into growing the kid and show the example of partnership and mutual support.

Last but not least, support and promote breastfeeding and slings. It gives your kid perfect care, while you are absolutely free to work and travel not thinking about food for the baby.

It is what we’ve learnt from our own experience and what helps us to be active parents, successful entrepreneurs and happy humans.

The post prepared by Mykhailo, Natalya, Kateryna, Iryna

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