“Today was our first training day of the project “Young Parents-Young Empowerment”. Three countries joined this amazing training: Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Italy.
Our training day started with some games to start knowing each other and to build the team spirit, so we began our first day by creating a crossword with our names and explaining the history or meaning of our names. Then, in order to start knowing better each other, we have been united into couples in order for each one to make an interview to his partner with the aim to present him to the group in a second moment.
After a pleasant coffee break, we started the team-building activity, which was absolutely hilarious. We have been united in three groups (Ukraine, Italy and Azerbaijan) and we went outside through the streets of Baku trying to fulfil as many tasks as possible, and so we have been in a park jumping in a lake, or performing a human pyramid, or even singing an Azerbaijani song with the keeper of the park. It was amazing and thanks to these funny tasks we started to feel like parts of a group.
In the evening, the activities has been more focused on the topic of the training course, so we started thinking about the qualities of the “Perfect Young Parent” and we drew an ideal portrait of this human. Some of the participants showed a very good artistic talent, some other showed their will to try to draw something, but the very important thing is that everybody became aware of how difficult and complex is to be a young successful parent in our modern society.
After the afternoon coffee break, we went to the park for the last part of the activities of the day. We have been again united in groups and we talked each other about our fears and expectations connected with this training course and about which contribution we could give to the group. After a moment of discussion, we staged a pantomime that represented our fears and expectations.
In the end, we had a very beautiful moment of reflection about the day, the activities and the group.
It was a great first day, we met a lot of new friends from different parts of the world and we started to get in touch with the Azerbaijani culture.” ✅

Review was done by Gulnar Bayramova-Atakishiyeva, Iaroslav Gerashchenko, Davide Maceroni and Francesco Saccente

“Today started the 2nd day of the Erasmus plus training course “Young parents young empowerment”.

Young parents and other participants had a chance to visit local entrepreneurs and get inspired by their ideas and life decisions. I personally was positively impressed how the people started their business without any start-up money. From the simple garage to the big beautiful creative restaurant space with a mesmerizing sea view, healthy food and fresh air. As well, I was inspired by the business school idea for kids and the idea to “scratch where it’s itchy”.
The hosts of the restaurant shared their business story with ups and downs, with challenges and achievements. They are motivated to act, to dream big and “be nice to other people”. In addition, all the countries shared their best and worst parenting support practices by governments and how to find new opportunities. With the help of theatre it was easier to perceive the information.
Later Young parents managed to visit the city and enjoy its picturesque places, learn more about Azerbaijan and prepare for the next day of active work and meetings with local governments. Many Thanks to organizers and creators of the project for such a saturated and beneficial time during the course. Looking forward to new experiences tomorrow.” ✅

Review was done by Mary Gerashchenko

“The 3rd morning of the training started in the youth center in one of the districts of Baku.
We had an excursion in the building and got to know how the center works, what target group and capacity-building activities they have. After that, we met with representatives from the local government and had Q&A session.
The youth center has different activities and departments for volunteers such as football, chess, language school (Germany, English, Russian, French, etc.). The center also encourages their community with non-formal parties and events.
Today we also had a session related to the wheel of life, what score of satisfaction each member can give to their family, career, finance, rest, hobbies, etc. This session helped us to find new ways of understanding our needs and what can be improved.
At the end of the day, we had Ukrainian cultural night! Waiting for the next days. For sure it will be great!” ✅

The review was done by Maria Khaetska

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