Advantages of group ideas

Sharing is caring! Find out why is important and what can you get out of working in various groups.

There are many advantages in sharing ideas in a group of people, especially when they come from different countries and they have different cultural and professional backgrounds. We had direct experience of these advantages while we were attending the training course “Young Parents – Young Empowerment” in Baku, Azerbaijan.

We shared our ideas not just speaking with each other, but we also performed many different kinds of activities which helped us stimulate our creativity and our ideas.

The main advantages that we got while we were attending the training course were:

1) We learnt that everything can be seen from more than one point of view, according to our culture and our present situation. Maybe an idea that we judge to be good cannot be “so good” in others’ opinions and this can help us to improve our skills.

2) “How to Win Friends and Influence People” [Dale Carnegie] – listening to others’ ideas can be very useful in order to develop our products or business.

3) We found out that every problem can have more than one solution, and that we can learn from our friends or from surveys how to find the best one.

4) We confronted ourselves with new subjects like targeting, branding, advertisement.

5) We combined fears, expectations and contributions to use them in current and future situations.

6) We learnt how to manage and balance our time respecting everybody’s needs.

Finally, sharing ideas in a group formed by different people is a useful experience, and the best occasions where you can do it are Erasmus + Projects.


Authors: Davide Maceroni, Gulnar Bayramova, Mariia Khaietska, Cemile Guliyeva, Seyidali

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