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Volunteers go to their home and teach sewing skills, then we had to provide them product with sewing skills. Our entrepreneurial activity is completely environmental and we will have serious environmental impact because of plastic shopping bags present many problems to the world. Through our entrepreneurial activities, we enable our beneficiary vulnerable group, mothers of children with health problems to develop their craft skills, as well as we want to give our stakeholders to develop their technical capacity, which will have a stable job and sewing skills. To achieve this goal, to address the most vulnerable mothers for obtaining and giving skills and job, we decided to address another social issue by offering an alternative to plastic bags, which will be environmentally, practical, high-quality, multifunctional, comfortable, affordable, unique and aimed at preserving the environment. Our products are cloth " hooked" bags, which are handy, multifunctional, personal and long-lasting bags that replace plastic bags, and can reduce its production. The "hooded" bag is an innovative, can be professional design solution for more comfortable for  using.   


By our NGO's program, we have taught 3 mothers to have a free sewing and desighn skills in their own home, but one of the moms has not been in Armenia now. The others can work 2 hours a day and we have to realize that we have to always teach different moms' sewing and design  skills and not to stop.