? "The fourth morning of the training course gave the space to a reflection on the previous days and to some energisers proposed by the same participants, who had the opportunity to enjoy their lunch in a restaurant on the main pedestrian street in Poltava. 
The working session started into the local Museum of Fine Arts, where organizers, trainers, participants and children met several representatives from the Municipality and particularly from the Department for Youth and Sport; the round table included a non-formal debate on both national and local policies about young parents and entrepreneurship for young people in Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Italy. The discussion continued during an informal tea-moment at the museum terrace. 
After some free time to enjoy the sunny weather in the town the group learnt the story of the typical dish from Poltava, the Galushka, experimenting firsthand its preparation into a local restaurant. The afternoon closed with a friendly Galushka-dinner, which included both salty and sweety dishes and those ones prepared by the participants of course." ✅
Review was done by Alessandro Gioffrè d'Ambra ??.

? "Yesterday was 5th training day on Young Parents-Young Empowerment with participation of representatives from 3 countries: Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Italy. 
Tamerlan Ismayilov, founder of @Brandup marketing agency, made presentation on 10+low budget ways of marketing, shared his own experience on how to promote your products and services, fist steps to start realization your business plan. 
After useful presentation participants had opportunity to play Cash flow game on educating on rational planning of budget and to realize your weak sides in ability to catch possibilities around you in timely manner." ✅
Review was done by Dilara Rahimova ??.

?"We had an amazing and very busy day - our last sessions of YPYE Campaign in Poltava. We started with a funny energizer and followed our day with Erasmus+ opportunities, dissemination of YPYE campaign and final evaluations.

After all sessions we started to prepare for our barbeque night. That was a real teamwork! We enjoyed our last day and good bye party with all our participants. We enjoyed barbeque and amazing atmosphere. During our party we hold a certification ceremony where each of participants present the YouthPass certificate for each other.

Thanks guys, that was amazing and unforgettable 7 days together and see you soon in Baku!" ✅
Review was done by Azer Sanili ??. 

Photos by Karina Sofit ????. 
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission ??