Reflect about our tips and use appropriate for your development:
1. Time management skills. You have to manage your time properly between your business and family.

2. If you involve family to your business,you will success in your work with common work and family support. 

3. If you earn enough money your children can go to private school and kindergarten to become successful. 

4. If you are happy and suffer less stress in your business it will be the same for your parenting.

5. Don’t bring your work problem to your home.

6. Family dinner. To meet your colleage’s family order place to rest and to get know each other family members. 

7. Every Sunday you should be with your family and spend full day with them.

8. Be attentive to receive motivation from your happy and strong family. 

9. Responsibility. Being responsible family helps to be successful in your business.

10. You need to have close people like a friends, neighborhoods and etc. to take care about your family when you are going to business trip.

Authors: Afet, Azad, Khayal.