As part of the Erasmus + project can be youth partnership, initiative on mapping the educational and paths of youth workers and strengthening knowledge of youth work, so these steps can be proposed for fruitful further cooperation:                           

1. Create facebook group

2. Online meeting (to share the experience)

3. To create google form, in order to understand about our necessities and abilities for supporting

4. To choose after it with whom you foresee your future work

5. Invite to your city/community/organisation as a guest, for sharing best practices

6. Raise the level interest of discussion in a certain range of time.


Thus, we can have a strategy through these activities. Through practice we can provide information, support how together is possible to create future projects, which can be a platform, that could provide a wide range of youth work activities for young people.

In conclusion, you shouldn't wait and postpone this steps. Believe us, your routine take you very fast and you forget about new friends from the visit.

So if you really want to be effective after finishing the study you should be active. You should believe in 6 handshakes theory. It's about your profit, too. It's about changes, about successful.

"I believe I can change my life. But I need the partners, a team, new knowledges. That's why I'm beginning to make the Google form right now."



Authors: Iryna Ivanova, Sofya Piradyan and Simone Caruso.