? "The fourth day started with the visit to Monte de Procida on the Monte Grillo mountain in which Exserbatoio located.
The major Giuseppe Pugliese told us that despite economic difficulties they are trying to support social entrepreneurship and organised co-working place in the building which was made from water tank from the tines of Rome Empire.
High-motivated entrepreneur Ernesto Colluta told about his organic agriculture farm Giardino Delli Orco and about the lessons they conduct for school pupils. 
After the lunch we were trying to find a solution for the Monte de Procida challenges using the model of potential tourist who wants to have a comfortable rest in this area. Using the method of design thinking we were trying to explain to a child the idea of a new businesses and how they are getting gonna will work" ✅
Review was done by Anna Darsaniya ?? and Mike Rebristy ??.


? "Hi, Italy from Ukraine and Azerbaijan! Our fifth day of the Young parents - young empowerment training finished.
What we have?
- First part of the day we started to work on the topic "Do No Harm Principle in Entrepreneurship". We discussed about how to minimize conflict of interests between stakeholders. We brainstormed about the influence of stakeholders groups and which are the unifiers and disconnectors factors for them.
- In the second part of the day we prepared the information about our businesses for the new website with online store and crowdfunding feature.
- We as a young parents decide to support the children initiatives. The children drew the pictures, made presentation and sold their workings.
End of the day there were results of competition which happened between parents posts in Facebook during Young Parents - Young Empowerment Flashmob. The winner got surprises from participants." ✅
Review was done by Svetlana Arabadzhy ?? and Khayal Baghirov ??.



? "Hi, Italy from Azerbaijan and Ukraine! 
Our sixth and last day of the Young parents - young empowerment training finished. 
What we have? 
We have tested our report form of follow-up dissemination activities (we should do this until the 12th of July with proficient mentor`s support) about the project and now understand how we can bring new people to our Campaign.
We had some "Impulse" game and it was very funny.
Then all the participants got their certificates about the participance in this project.
And in the end of the day we had farewell party. 
It was very useful and interesting week. Thank all of you for this project.." ✅
Review was done by Kamran Karimbayli ?? and Afet Hasanova Aghamammadova ??.