? "Our fourth day started with an educational visit to the governmental office of support to young entrepreneurs (ABAD). Thus we had a possibility to get to know the system of help and development of young people that still doesn`t exist in Ukraine for example. It was a useful meeting with a lot of profound information about Azerbaijani market features. The administrative center (ASAN) itself was quite modern and convenient to find services you need - marriage registration, ID card formation etc.
The second part was an introduction to marketing surveys, which I found very practical considering the fact that not all of the participants know how to do a research. Now if somebody of us starts a project / business (s)he will know for sure what to do to understand the marked need.
The third and the final part was more about understanding the "brand" meaning considering not only companies but also ourselves as a brand. Choosing a marketing strategy we should pay attention not only at the name and logo, the essence, goals and values are very important too.
Moreover we had a pleasant bonus at the end of the day - it was an intercultural night with Azerbaijani people presenting their national dances, songs and food." ✅
Review was done by Лера Заславская ??

? "The 5th day started with inspirational activity “Different ways”. Participants united into pairs were searching for 10 ways for doing something. e.g. inviting clients to store opening. Participants made sure that we can always find several ways in different fields either entrepreneurship or parenting.
Then we exercised targeting of different types of business and learnt useful tips for creating surveys.
Next we made 3 groups and discussed in details Erasmus+ program: the first group shared their knowledge and experience in mobility activities and capacity building, the second – Erasmus for entrepreneurs, the third – Youthpass. By the end each group presented key findings of discussion.
We were lucky to meet Farid Iskenderov development director of @Bridge Groups of Companies, which built and manages Univerium, modern and stylish student dormitory. Mr. Iskenderov shared us the mission and values of Univerium, ways of encouraging students to grow as proactive and responsible people who will contribute to the development of the countries. Univerium became international home for students of this training course for 7 days, we had a chance to meet here students from different countries, studying in Baku universities, e.g. India, Sri Lanka, China, Iran.
After that together with colleagues from Azerbaijan and Italy we discussed ways of disseminating results of the event. We agreed that the best way is that all participants would launch or improve their business in the nearest time.
We learnt about the website created within the project “Young Parents - Young Empowerment!” aimed to promote products and services of project participants." ✅
Review was done by Yuliia Nosach ??


? "In the morning of 6th Day we had an exercise about yoga and concentration. After that, we split the topics we learned during the training in skills, knowledge, best practices and attitudes. Participants, after giving their opinion on each flipchart, decided to join one group and develop their achievements.
In the afternoon were dedicated to final evaluation the week, by giving their feedback, filling online evaluation form and some visual methods.
The culmination of the program was Youthpass inauguration and giving certificates for youngest participants as well. " ✅
Review was done by Andrea Rubino and Greta Tushe ??

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission ??